Thursday, March 8, 2012

Preserving Fresh Herbs Using a Dehydrator

Top of Nesco FD-75PR Dehydrator
I love mint and other fresh herbs, but sometimes find I can't use it all before it starts to go bad.

One quick way to preserve those herbs (and fruits and vegetables) is by using a dehydrator.

A dehydrator is similar to a slow cooker.  You can set it and forget it.  And if you go a little long, it's very forgiving.  For most things, you can place your items to be dried in the dehydrator in the evening and wake up to a finished product.

Fresh Mint on Dehydrator Tray
I did this with fresh mint the other day using our $60 Nesco FD-75PR dehydrator.  It works well for the price, creates a low hum when operating, and comes with five drying trays, though you can have up to twenty if you buy extra.

Raw foodists opt for the more expensive Excalibur (around $220) that offers a more even drying result and on/off timer.

As our kids were enjoying their dried pineapple pieces as a snack today (from the fresh pineapple I dried last week), I thought I would write a quick post and suggest a dehydrator as a way to preserve your foods and offer a preservative free snack option.

Mint Leaves After Dehydrating
If you already have one, how do you use your dehydrator?
Dehydrated pineapple chunks the kids love for a snack

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