Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Digital Thermometer for Baking and Cooking

Thermoworks RT600C Digital Thermometer
Thermoworks is the leading manufacturer of digital thermometers for cooking and baking.

Since I started making all of our breads at home, I've always wanted a quick-read digital thermometer that would replace our analog (and very slow) thermometer.  A quick-reading thermometer is crucial when you've got the oven door open.

Early in my bread-making I found that all ovens are different and can be several (if not a lot) of degrees off from where you set it.  Rather than depending on the baking time a recipe suggests, the internal temperature test is the most accurate (190 degrees for standard wheat breads and 200-210 degrees for gluten free).

However, the best thermometer (the Thermopen) is nearly $100 and I had a hard time justifying that expense.  If you can, by all means go for the best.  I compromised on a separate Thermoworks model (RT600C) that cost under $20 and reads only slightly slower (about 6 seconds) than their top model.  It's water resistant and dishwasher safe to 190 degrees.  It can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit measurements.  I have found it meets all of our needs.

I use this for baking, but also on the grill.  Meat should only be flipped only once while grilling, so having a quick and easy temperature read lets me know when the meat is ready.

If you are still messing with an analog thermometer or are fighting with one that takes a long time for a reading, you might consider this option.  It's size makes it convenient to carry and use.

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