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We are a family of four who love trains (our son), princess' (our daughter), sewing and home organization (wife) along with history, gadgets and food (me).

And we have the travel bug.  We are currently parked in our family home in West Michigan, but have a strong desire to hit the open road someday to explore and learn together.  My wife wants to visit the ocean, my daughter the desert, my son the mountains and I just want to go.  I thought this urge was crazy until I realized there are already many families who are doing the same thing!  Hopefully we too can join the ranks of being a fulltime family.  We have a motorhome picked out...

About this web site:

It was Easter 2009 and my son, then two years old, ate what we affectionately call the "nasty brownie" our Aunt gave him to eat.  We call it nasty because -- well -- it was.  It was a single heavily processed brownie packaged in a sealed plastic wrap that was so greasy moisture was all over the inside of the package.  You get the idea.

After a few bites of the nasty brownie, he promptly threw it up along with his Easter meal.  And so began the journey of food discovery for our family.  He continued to throw-up regularly after that and he ended up seeing multiple doctors to determine the possible cause with each one indicating a possible food allergy.  We had him tested for food allergies and everything was negative.  Preservatives and generally, the junk in modern food, was not tested.  We began to notice some patterns that triggered the vomiting reaction and noticed they all were heavily processed foods containing many preservatives, food dyes, and various other chemical elixirs.

Somewhere in this mix my wife was diagnosed with intolerance to gluten and dairy, forcing a hard look and further research into this growing trend.

And so our research into what we ate began.  And what I discovered, and continue to learn, is that we have strayed a long way from what our bodies were designed to consume.

The first book I read on issues of food was In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan and a new world was opened to me.

What you can expect:

We have changed many aspects about what we eat and the dietary information I have accumulated has been helpful.  Some of our friends, and my wife, have suggested I write what I have discovered so that others can benefit.

That is this blog.  It's purpose is to highlight the important stuff, challenge with new ideas, perhaps provide a bit f humor and offer some other random thoughts on family life from my wife's perspective.

The monthly newsletter may contain some additional tidbits, but will be a recap of the months most read and commented on blog posts with additional thoughts.  I welcome your joining of this free newsletter.

I desire for this to be a community of engaged learners.  Read and linger, but occasionally contribute. It's for the better of us all.

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If you share your e-mail with us, it stays with us.  We never disclose your e-mail or personal information to anybody.

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