Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aronia Berry -- the filler fruit

We made "blueberry pomegranate" juice from concentrate the other day.  Interesting that apple, grape and aronia juices were the first ingredients (ingredients are labelled from highest to lowest percentage) -- but that's for a different post.

What I really wanted to know was what is an aronia berry?

An aronia berry is inedible raw (except for the red variety) because of its astringency, though birds dine on them frequently as they cannot taste the astringency.

The berry can be found in the wild or as an ornamental shrub that many of us have seen in various parts of the U.S..  Perhaps you have this shrub in your own yard.  There are three varieties identified by color: black, purple and red (the red is edible raw).

The berry can be made into a jam, syrup or wine.  But why was it in my blueberry/pomegranate juice?

Aronia berry juice is a filler juice, that does have antioxidant properties, but who's value is a color enhancer in mass produced juices.

Now you (and I) know.

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