Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gordon Food Service and Pink Slime

Now that Jamie Oliver and others have exposed our meat industry and the addition of "pink slime" to our ground beef, some have taken steps to ensure their ground beef is slime free (and thereby admitting the addition).

See a previous post I wrote for more details on the infamous pink slime here.

Most notable among those companies who have recently eliminated the slime from their products are McDonald's and Meijer grocery stores.  But one hold out is Gordon Food Service.  I was surprised to read a news article this morning that said the company would take a "wait-and-see attitude" and  hear from the customers.

Here is there link for writing and sharing about your support or concern over there product.

I like Gordon Foods and they play an important role in the food supply of the United States and Canada, supplying many many food companies with the ingredients that hundreds of thousands consume daily.  And that is why I am most bothered by their stance.

Most consumers are unaware of what they eat, how it was raised or grown, and from where it is derived.  Perhaps it is the consumers' responsibility, but we live in a culture where blind faith rules, and where people have too little time to research what they put in their mouth (or most anything else for that matter, but that's for somebody else to analyze).

Companies need to do what it best for their end consumer and the planet.  The health of the consumer and environment should be of higher consideration than the earning of a few extra pennies.

I, for one, hope they reconsider.  I believe that doing the right thing will always be rewarded in the end. is an additional great resource on this issue.

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