Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Starbucks VIA Easily the Best Instant Coffee

Starbucks Via is on the Right
We occasionally reach for an instant coffee when time is tight and we just don't feel like going through the process of french press coffee-making. (our usual method)  I also use instant in baking and cooking to help bring out the earthier tastes.

Ultra-fine Starbucks Via
We recently purchased Starbucks VIA brand Christmas Blend, a break from our traditional leading national brand.  I'm impressed.  While not quite a true Starbucks coffee taste I would get from a local Barista, it comes close.

The Large Granules of the Leading National Brand
The flavor is great, but it's the way it so smoothly blends in the hot water that is the deal clincher for me.

Leading National Brand with No Stirring
On a white plate, you can quickly pick out the dark-roast Starbucks.  But look even closer and you will see the huge difference in granule size.  The ultra-fine granule of the Starbucks brand makes stirring close to unnecessary and blends well into baked goods while the course nature of the leading national brand always leaves floating pieces on a cup of coffee.

There are thirteen flavors and varieties of VIA from which to choose ranging from light to dark roasts and a few flavor options too.

I also like supporting Starbucks because they are outwardly committed to issues of sustainability, diversity, ethical sourcing and community.

VIA does cost more, but it may be worth an occasional splurge.
Starbucks Via with no Stirring


  1. I absolutely agree! We've been buying them also! I have to say I'm slightly addicted! Last summer Sam's was carrying the Iced Via's they were fantastic and you could buy 10 for 4.95, a considerable savings compared to the grocery store!

    I really enjoy reading the blog Jeff keep it up!

  2. In an effort to take coffee on a week long trek on the Appalachian trail, I can say that I have tried every instant available. Via is bar none the absolute best on the market. I can be dirty, exhausted, and sore...but a cup of Via on the trail (almost) makes me feel like I'm sitting in a coffee shop.