Sunday, January 15, 2012

Joe Plows my Drive

Nope, not Joe's Plow Service -- But "Snow Joe".  And I finally got to use my old friend again this weekend as we got our first real snow of the year.

See, I had the really crazy idea last winter to purchase a different kind of snow blower.  It's electric (gasp!), it's compact, it requires no gas or oil, it's highly dependable and always starts, and it really throws the snow -- It's Snow Joe.

No snow blower is perfect.  This one can get clogged if the snow if wet and heavy and I do have to drag around a 100' cold-weather electric cord, but it's worth not having the hassle of mixing gas/oil, trying to get the gas motor to start each year (I've watched neighbors spend 20 minutes or more trying to start theirs), smelling like gas when the work is done, and having the added benefit of simply giving the environment (and my lungs) a breather.

This blower is great for nearly everyone.  It's lightweight, compact, can be stored anywhere (no oil or gas to drip), and costs much less than the traditional blowers.

As for severe weather, this actually did a very nice job last winter when we were blasted with days of deep snow.  Snow Joe kept up with all the neighbors and their big rigs.  Unless you have snow dumps that are feet deep, this should work just fine for you.

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