Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Macaroni & Cheese by Candlelight

When was the last time you ate a candlelight dinner in your home?  How about with the kids?  Yes, kids!

Tonight we had macaroni & cheese (Annie's organic, of course) by candlelight.  We've had candlelight dinners frequently the past couple of weeks and discovered that we quite like it.  It all started one very snowy evening when we decided we could watch the snowflakes best with the lights off.  The only option to see our food and the snowflakes was candles!

We found that things are a bit calmer, conversation a bit better, and the entire mood a bit more calming.

Safety?  I think people are born with an appreciation for what fire can do.  Our kids watch the flame in amazement, but have never tried to touch it.  They respect the flame.  Of course, we keep the candles a safe distance from their place setting as well.

We found eating dinner by candlelight by a large bay window with big snow flakes falling is amazing.  And a discussion of history is bound to come up when your kids ask something like, "Why don't we always eat with a candle?"  And you can respond with a , "well, that's how it used to always be because the lightbulb was only created in 1879."  They love to hear stories about the past and our four-year-old has found a new friend in Thomas Edison!

Of course, with small kids like ours, this is really the only time of year we can do this as they start getting hungry around 5 and darkness begins to fall around the same time.

So don't delay if you have little kids and try it today.  You might just like it.

Sidenote- the candle in the picture was moved closer just for the picture- we don't let the kids eat that close to the flame!

Comment on your results.

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