Monday, February 6, 2012

King Arthur Silicon Rolling Mat

King Arthur Silicone Rolling Mat
I've had several cheap plastic pie crust and dough rolling mats in my life and the thing that moved the most when I was rolling was the mat itself.  I would literally hold onto the mat with one hand while trying to roll with the other.

Many of you know the feeling.

And storage?  They usually are sold rolled and that is how I like to store them, but after a few uses, the sides would never lay flat, but curled like an old piece of paper interfering even more with the task at hand.

I did some research and almost purchased a wooden rolling mat with a lip to keep it from moving across the counter top.  There are actually some pretty good ones available, but I preferred to not have to store another large item in our cabinets when not in use.

I found my solution when browsing the King Arthur catalogue -- their silicon rolling mat.  I made the purchase ($30) and patiently awaited its arrival somewhat unconvinced that it would work.

When it arrived, I was happy with how tightly it could be rolled, taking up very little space.  I was also very happy with its thinness and flexibility.

I unrolled the mat on our laminate counter top and began my first rolling.  The mat stuck to the counter and never moved!  The side ruler and pie crust sizes printed on the mat are helpful and the cleanup was a breeze.  Excess flour slides off and any extra is gone with a quick rinse.

I don't think there is a better rolling mat available.  Do know that you cannot use sharp objects (such as a knife or metal pizza cutter) on a mat like this.

Dump the cheap plastic mat and trade it in for this one.  You won't be disappointed.

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