Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Better Rolling Pin?

Food Network Western Rolling Pin

My parents always used the traditional "Western version" of the rolling pin.  The roller itself was a heavy marble and the handles made of wood.  Perhaps you have one of those?

So when I purchased my first rolling pin, I purchased what I knew -- the Western (or American) rolling pin.

It wasn't until I started making hand-rolled pasta that I discovered there were options for rolling pins.

Food Network French Rolling Pin
The French rolling pin is a preferred rolling pin for many chefs because it allows for greater control and hand-feel.  I started reading about this pin in quality cookbooks and after several American rolling pin purchases (always too light, not made well, too heavy, etc.), I did a minor splurge and bought a French rolling pin at Kohl's.  The brand is Food Network, it's made of wood, and I think it cost around $13.

Did it make a difference?  You bet!  I tossed the old rolling pin into the donation pile after its first use and have never looked back.

You can better feel the nuances of the dough and have better control of the pressure you apply.  You truly are in complete control of your rolling.

Toss the Western rolling pin and replace it (or supplement it) with a French rolling pin.

Which do you use?  What do you prefer and why?

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