Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bodum French Press Delivers

I love coffee and drink several cups daily.

The amount of coffee I enjoyed grew exponentially when I was in college and the number of coffee makers I used during those four years and a few years after was astounding.  I could never find quite the right machine and they all plugged after several months of use thanks to the hard water in the city where I then lived.

I discovered the simple beauty of french press coffee on a business trip to the Northwest when a couple invited me to their home for a cup of coffee.  I purchased my own shortly thereafter and gave up on the traditional coffee-maker.

I use my 34 oz. Bodum french press once or twice daily and enjoy it because:

  • It wastes nothing.  (No filters or fancy single-serve plastic cups.)
  • The grounds can be easily discarded or placed into a garden or flower bed for fertilizer.
  • Coffee can be prepared quickly.  Throw in course grounds of your favorite coffee, hot water, wait a couple of minutes and press.
  • The flavor profile can't be beat.  The french press is the preferred brewing method of professional taste-testers.
  • It can last forever and doesn't rely on any electronics or water softeners.  My Bodum is about 10 years old.

I grind our favorite beans in our burr grinder and throw them in the bottom of the press.  We have an electric tea kettle that heats water to boiling within three minutes.  Pour the water in and press after a couple of minutes steeping time.

It couldn't be easier or much faster and the taste is amazing.  This $40 investment may last you a lifetime.  There are varying sizes of presses from one-cup to 12 and even presses that are insulated for family gatherings.

I know the various one-use cup machines are all the rage now, but the expense and waste is astounding when the simplicity of a press is more more efficient, environmentally sound and perhaps delivers better taste.

Give it a try.  Most good coffee shops (I know Starbucks does) will make your coffee using a french press if you ask.  Or make the leap and buy one -- or two.

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  1. All coffee makers become clogged, regardless of the area you live in. A decalcifier (or diluted vinegar solution) should be run through a machine at regular intervals to prevent mineral buildup.

    French presses are without a doubt the best solution however. Yours is the Chambord model. There's no "perhaps" about delivering a better taste - French Presses keep all the essential oils in a coffee, that a paper filter typically removes. It leaves you with more taste.