Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ode to the Vitamix -- and free shipping offer

I was going to title this "Why we love the Vitamix", but that will become obvious in my writing and I knew my wife would prefer the "ode!"

Anyway, this is it.  The King of gadgets in our kitchen and number one appliance we couldn't/wouldn't do without.

We've had our share of blenders during our marriage but they either didn't produce the results we wanted or simply broke with use.

We always wanted a Vitamix, but never wanted to spend the extra money.  In the end, we spent as much or more experimenting with other brands, so this time we did it right and bought the Vitamix 5200.

We had no idea was we were missing!  Here are a few features we absolutely love:

  • Total speed control
  • It can demolish anything and make is creamy (another blogger described it as powerful enough to blend a cowboy boot.  I haven't tried, but don't doubt it.)
  • It self cleans (one small drop of soap and a quick swirl on high)
  • It breaks down whole foods into such fine particles you don't see any chunks
  • It can truly make "snow" out of ice
  • Is completely reliable (it comes with a complete 7-year full warranty!)

We use ours at least once daily and often several times each day.  We use it to make whole food smoothies (no need for the preservative laden pre-mixed stuff with this baby), sauces, dressings, soups, peanut butter (to die for), ice cream, powdered sugar, mixed drinks, pancake/waffle/crepe batter,  hummus, salsa, and jam just to name a few.

I am proud that Vitamix agreed to be affiliated with us a couple days ago and am even more excited that as a reader of this blog, we have arranged for free shipping on your purchase, just click this link or call JP Minard, account manager at Vitamix, at 440-782-2303 or 800-848-2649 (ext. 2303) and mention discount code 06-006899.

Bring your family health and whole foods this New Year!

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