Friday, December 30, 2011

Microplane Graters

While not one of the most revered kitchen tools, a microplane grater or two will make your home cooking easier.

I had purchased my share of box graters and the sort at kitchen stores over the years.  When I read about the microplane grater in cookbooks, I assumed it was a style of grater and that it couldn't work any better than what I was using.

I researched this kitchen tool while looking for a zester, discovered how inexpensive they were, and decided to give one a try.  I also found that microplane is a brand not a style of grater.

I first purchased the classic zester.  I have since added the spice grater, but don't use it much.  I wish I had chosen a larger microplane grater over the small spice grater as the zester is sufficient for most spices too.

The Microplane company is based in the USA and the graters are produced here -- I assume in Arkansas, where they are based.

Grating with a microplane requires less effort as the blades cut so nicely.  And these are so much smaller than most graters that they save significant amounts of space in your drawers.

Give them a try.  Grate some fresh Parmesan, nutmeg, or zest an orange or lime.  I'm certain you will never regret making this small addition to your kitchen.  It's a workhorse in our kitchen.

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