Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Waffle Ice Cream Cones

Does this need to be just a summer treat?  A few times each summer, we like to stop at a favorite vacation ice cream shop and get a waffle cone filled with our favorite flavors.

I had never thought about making my own waffle cones until flipping through the pages of "Cooking for Isaiah" and was so excited to learn how easy making waffle cones is AND that I can make them gluten-free for my wife!  Perfect!

I purchased a Chef's Best waffle iron and made my first batch for Valentine's Day (added pink sprinkles).  The cones were a hit with everyone.

The batter for the gluten free cones made them a bit thicker than we would prefer and next time I will add a bit more almond milk.  And, the waffle iron holds 3 TBS. of batter, but the author of Cooking for Isaiah suggests 2 Tbs. cones.  I made the 3 Tbs., but will make the smaller 2 Tbs. next time as they are quite large.

This is an amazingly simply treat o make and I would highly recommend this investment for a fun family and friends dessert.  Each cone takes about two minutes to make -- maybe less.

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