Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cooking for Isaiah Corn-Shrimp Fritters

Okay - page 67 of "Cooking for Isaiah".  I thought the kids would like this one.  No dice!  It wasn't because of the taste, because they didn't even try.  My wife and I enjoyed them though.  They were not quite perfect (for us), so here are a few changes I will implement next time:

1.  I found the frying time to be longer than 3 minutes -- actually closer to 5-7.  Let your eyes and senses guide you on this one.
2.  The flavor was a bit bland.  I will double the cilantro, chili-powder and cumin in the next attempt.
3.  I would recommend a bit less salsa and a bit more mayonnaise for the dipping sauce.

I scooped the batter with my Zerroll scoop and the fell nicely into the oil and fried into nice fairly crisp balls of goodness.

My one mistake, I let the blades spin too long in the food processor, eliminating most bigger chunks of shrimp.  Be very careful to either mix the chopped shrimp by hand, or give just a couple of quick "pulses" in the food processor.

Enjoy this one!

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