Thursday, April 15, 2010


I just finished reading "slow life in a tuscan town" by Douglas Gayeton that strengthened my resolve to try to slow down and enjoy the real things (the four f's) in life -- family, friends, food and faith.

Douglas traveled to Italy in search of what made their lives so meaningful and came up with the word "slow".  His photography is beautiful and the text meaningful.  While many things are important in the life of a rural Italian, slow food (organic and raw) plays the central role.  I highly recommend you spend an evening or two with this book.

While he admits that some will seek the Italian lifestyle by moving to Italy, he ultimately encourages readers to develop that lifestyle in their own communities.  And he followed his own advice, purchasing a farm in Northern California where he and his wife and daughter now reside.

He writes the last sentence of his opening page saying, "We can begin by simply breaking bread around the table, inviting our children into the kitchen to help prepare the family meal, and planting a few herbs in a window box.  Your life will be richer for it."

I agree.

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