Friday, January 8, 2010

Banana Ketchup

Every once in a while, I am reminded of certain comments mentioned to me in my past that I have held onto for any number of reasons. These comments return to me by "triggers" in my life.

Today, the trigger was seeing my bottle of Banana Ketchup I acquired on the island of St. Lucia when I visited several years ago with my wife. Bananas are one of the largest sources of exports (income) for the island residents.

On a tour of the stunningly beautiful island, the tour guide stopped at a banana farm and spoke about the importance of the industry to the people. I asked the question, "Are any of these bananas exported to the United States?" The response, "No. Our bananas are exported to various parts of Europe. Americans will only eat perfect bananas that have no imperfections, requiring the use of pesticides and fertilizers that we won't use."

I've discovered in my preparation of homemade foods that it just isn't going to look like a perfect store-purchased (fill in the blank) -- and why should it? After all, I made it, not a nameless faceless machine. But, the finished product will have great wholesome ingredients, often taste better, and be finished with a whole lot of love.

As often as possible, I will be looking for things a little messier, cared for (or prepared by) those who tended the earth and respected it, and with a bit more character (flaws). I will be looking for what is authentic and real.

Perfect has many hidden problems -- not to mention it's just boring.

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